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Designing Department
Rojus International boasts expert designers who can bring your ideas to life. If you have a design in mind, we'll make it a reality. If not, our experts will provide you with plenty of options. We specialize in creating custom apparel styles with beautiful artwork
Embellisment Department
Embellishment is the art of decorating apparel to make it unique. Our experts strive to create distinctive products for clients. We have a dedicated embellishment department with a team of experts who judge the fabric quality and oversee the entire process to ensure the uniqueness of the product. Our embellishment division encompasses four main techniques: Sublimation, Embroidery, DTF, and Screen Printing. We are experts in these techniques and maintain our machines to assure the safety of our labor and apparel. We also offer DTG, Embossing, and more.
Stitching Department
Stitching defines the class of apparel. High-quality stitching gives new life to the fabric and a dignified and magnificent look to the garment. Our stitching department is overseen by an expert team to ensure quality, and we have experienced stitchers who have worked for well-known brands. You're in the right place to give a unique look to your brand.
Quality Department
At Rojus International, we prioritize our clients' health and respect. That's why we only sell high-quality products. Our quality control department covers everything from incoming item inspections to outgoing item inspections. Our focus on quality extends beyond the product, as we also ensure the safety of our clients and employees from machinery parts and chemicals according to quality standard parameters. Our quality control experts are always working to verify the quality of our products, and we never release anything that poses a threat to human health. You'll feel proud to use our products, as we never compromise on quality.
Packing Department
We have quality control experts who specifically works in the packing department to ensure the quality of the products, which have already been inspected prior to entering the packing department. Our packing department offers both customized and standard packing options. They also ensure the quality of the products in regards to threading, printing, and metal detection. Our packing department not only enhances the appearance of the apparel but also adds uniqueness to the brand with the high quality of our packaging.
The Fabrics We Often Use are as Follow



Bamboo Fiber






✓ Better Quality and Management
✓ Flexible and accommodating customer service
✓ Sustainable and environmentally friendly sourcing and production practices
✓ Wide range of products to choose from
✓ Low minimum order quantity (MOQ) available
✓ Customize products with a private label
✓ Access to creative design ideas
✓ Ongoing product development and innovation
✓ Design security guaranteed
✓ Strong industry relationships and partnerships
✓ Strong ethical and social responsibility standards
✓ Competitive Pricing
✓ Customizable packaging options
✓ Fast delivery times
✓ Excellent after-sales service
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